Auto Tags

Only Available At 668 Stony Hill Road location : Here




-PA Drivers License

-PA Auto insurance

-Vehicle Title



Miscellaneous Fees:
Title Fee:                $22.50

   Temporary Tag:            $10.00

   Registration Fee:         $36.00 (Trucks go by weight, motorcycles are $18.00)

   Service/Courier Fee:      $39.50

   Notary Fee:               $5.00 per (if necessary)

   Lien Fee:                 $5.00


All of our auto documents are sent by private courier to ensure timely delivery to Harrisburg and back.  If you wish to send your own documents (temporary license, handicap placard, vanity plates, or renew registration and sticker) along with our private courier, the fee is $15.00.

*Only available at certain locations. Click here for details.